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In recent times the meaning of competition has changed from being creative to comparing ourselves to others which from my point of view is wrong. Let us take my example when I was in 12th I remember I failed to do some task and my other classmate did it effortlessly by seeing that I got sad and started to compare myself with that person but then I remember my mother who always tells me to not compare myself with other because each and every person on this planet has their own individual personality and talent. She told me to never think about how I can make my classmate’s line smaller instead of always thinking about how I can make my own line bigger. Let us take another example of late Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple; he believed that competing with others was a distraction from your inner creativity. He was notorious for paying careful attention to the details and designs of all his products. He always wanted to change the world by expressing himself fully, not just by following other companies to increase stock value. He believed in comparing himself to his past self so that he can see how much progress he made and how much is still remaining to grow him. In the end I just want to say that never lose hope and start comparing yourself with others. We all have our own individual personality that we can improve on not by comparing but by learning from our own experiences and always believe in healthy competition.

Hetvi Patel

Student - SEM 3


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