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Corona Virus Impact on Education System

Nowadays many nations are facing problems due to the corona pandemic.

It impacts the economy as well as the education system also.

Positive impact of COVID -19 on education:-

  • The prime one is students can't attend school/college because of COVID-19, then it's necessary to provide education from online platforms, such as zoom, Google meet. There are a plethora of schools and colleges are providing education by utilizing that platform. It's very beneficial for students to obtain knowledge at home.

  • Students are able to manage their time more efficiently in online education during pandemic.

  • Teachers have also adopted new methods of teaching like through PPTs, Videos, Google meet which are considered as one of the best and fast learning medium of teaching.

Negative impact of COVID-19 on education:-

  • However, some students are not comfortable with this method due to lack of instruments. According to statistics, pupils' performance is decreasing day by day. They become lazy and irregular towards study. Online tests are not much convenient as compared to offline exams.

  • Hence, it impact on student's result. Although Corona virus is a serious issue, the government needs to provide tablets in fewer amounts. Education is a key element; therefore it's necessary to focus on every student's conditions.

  • Majority of government's school students are suffering due to lack of information. Rural areas students are many active as well as urban areas. Every school needs to focus on their students requirements.

  • Somewhere, students are missing their school and college life where they used to enjoy a lot with their friends apart from studying; they also miss the extracurricular activities such as annual functions, sports day, etc.

  • Last but not in least, the major missing of students as well as teachers are their emotions, feelings and they are not more interactive in the digitalization learning.

Niki Patel

SEM - 3 (MBA)

Student, Anand Institute of Management

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